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Course Details

Course TitlePhonetics and Phonology
SemesterSpring 2023
Registration IDLINGH115B001
InstructorChandlee, Jane
Times and DaysMW 02:30pm-04:00pm
Room LocationHLL7
Course InfoClass Number: 1407 This course investigates the sound patterns found in human languages. Phonetics is the study of these patterns from a physical and perceptual perspective while phonology is the study of sound patterns from a cognitive perspective. Activities in the class will expose students to the methodologies used by both perspectives (articulatory description and acoustic analysis for phonetics and formal theoretical models for phonology) and show the necessity and utility of both approaches in understanding the nature of sound patterns in human language.; Enrollment Limit: 25; Lottery Preference(s):; (1) Sr. Ling Majors; (2) Jr. Ling Majors; (3) Sr. Ling Minors; (4) Jr. Ling Minors; (5) Neuroscience minors; (6) sophomores; (7) first years; (8) everyone else (jrs/seniors) Humanities, Symbolic Reasoning, B: Analysis of the Social World (; Hav: HU, QUS, B)
NotesClass Nbr: 1407 Lim: 25 ; Hav: HU, QUS, B
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