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Course Details

Course TitleIntroduction to Syntax
SemesterSpring 2023
Registration IDLINGH113B001
InstructorPayne, Amanda
Times and DaysTTh 01:00pm-02:30pm
Room LocationSTO14
Course InfoClass Number: 2281 This course is a hands-on investigation of sentence structures in human language. This is a participation intensive course. Collectively, the class will develop an increasingly complex syntactic theory starting with basic assumptions and seeing where they lead. In the process, students will develop skills in observing syntactic patterns and analyzing these patterns in order to come to some generalizations on their own.; Enrollment Limit: 25; Lottery Preference(s):; (1) Sr. Ling Majors; (2) Jr. Ling Majors; (3) Sr. Ling Minors; (4) Jr. Ling Minors; (5) Neuroscience minors; (6) sophomores; (7) first years; (8) everyone else (jrs/seniors) Humanities, Symbolic Reasoning, B: Analysis of the Social World (; Hav: HU, QUS, B)
NotesClass Nbr: 2281 Lim: 25 ; Hav: HU, QUS, B
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