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Course Details

Course TitleIntro lingüística hispánica
CampusBryn Mawr
SemesterSpring 2023
Registration IDSPANB216001
InstructorBerard, Kaylea Blaise
Times and DaysMW 01:10pm-02:30pm
Room LocationTAYE
Course InfoClass Number: 2393 A survey of the field of Hispanic linguistics. We will explore the sounds and sound patterns of Spanish (phonetics and phonology), how words are formed (morphology), the structure and interpretation of sentences (syntax and semantics), language use (pragmatics), the history and dialects of the Spanish language, and second language acquisition. Prerequisite: SPAN B120 or permission of the instructor. Critical Interpretation (CI) Approach: Critical Interpretation (CI); Enrollment Cap: 15; If the course exceeds the enrollment cap the following criteria will be used for the lottery: Majors and minors by class (seniors then juniors)
NotesClass Nbr: 2393 CI;
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