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Student Conference Funding Guidelines

The Dean's Office has a limited amount of funding which is used to support students who would like to attend a conference.

Applications forms should be completed online using the

There is no guarantee that a conference funding request will be approved for funding. The Dean’s Office encourages you to choose carefully the conference you are hoping to attend.  If approved, the office will fund only one conference per academic year for an individual student or group of students.

It is recommended that groups limit the number of participants given the maximum reimbursement for a student group is a set amount regardless of the group size.  Three or more students attending the same conference will be considered to constitute a group, whether students apply as a group or individually.


  • Applications must be received (at least three weeks) prior to the start date of the conference in order to be considered for funding.
  • Applications must have faculty/staff signature.
  • A printed copy with information about the conference (schedule of events, sessions, etc.) must be attached to the application.
  • Conferences must occur during the academic year (AY: first day of classes through the last day classes are held).
  • Approved conference funding does not constitute approved absence(s) from classes.
  • Application requests are not funded retroactively.
  • Active, enrolled students of good standing will be considered for funding approval.

Approved requests:

Maximum reimbursements:

  • Up to, but not exceeding $400  (individual)
  • Up to, but not exceeding $600  (group of 3 or more students)
  • Larger groups may apply for limited additional funding

Submitting for reimbursement:

  1. Within 1 week of the conclusion of the conference, you will need to submit all receipts for any expenses incurred for which you are seeking reimbursement. 
  2. Within 4 weeks of the conclusion of the conference, you will need to submit a 1-2 page descriptive report of about your conference activities. Please include how you think this conference benefited your academic experience.  After 4 weeks, failure to submit a report will result in a charge to your account equal to the reimbursement amount you received.

Please note that the report, either in part or in whole, could be shared with relevant academic departments, Dean’s Office staff, President’s staff, and/or the Board of Managers.

For any questions, please feel free to email Felicite Gibson at or you may stop by the Dean's Office in Parrish Hall East, Room 140.