Cultural Show

Cultural Show Performance

A large number of activities and events attest to the importance of multiculturalism at Swarthmore. The annual Cultural Show is just one of them.

Organized by Deshi and the International Club, the show focuses primarily on celebrating the different cultures of the community through music, singing, and dancing. This year's event highlights included Omari Faakye '10 playing the attentenben, a traditional Ghanaian flute, a Bollywood Dance by Deshi, and the performance by Swarthmore's first mariachi band, "Los Parangaricutirimicuaros" (above).

Omari Faakye '10
Accra, Ghana
One highlight from a recent show was Omari Faakye '10 playing the attentenben, a traditional Ghanaian flute.

For mariachi trumpet player Chris Caruso '08, participating in the show was a way to better know the cultures of Swarthmore. "Everyone involved in the show was enthusiastic about what his fellow performers had to offer," he says. "It reminded me what beautiful things can happen when different cultures are brought together."

But not everything is celebration. The show also pays attention to important cultural issues that some students live through. A big part of the event is devoted to "Spoken Word," a performance where students share their cultural experiences both in the U.S. and abroad.

"Coming together to share different parts of our various cultures creates such a strong bond," says organizer Ailya Vajid '09. "It's so special to be able to express this with each other and the whole campus."