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Be Well

Social and Emotional
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Social and emotional wellbeing places our relationships and mental health in the spotlight. It is about developing healthy coping skills, finding passion, and healthy forms of communication, especially in challenging times. 

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Physical wellbeing focuses on having good health and enough energy to get things done on a daily basis. Physical wellbeing can vary greatly, but activities such as sleeping, exercise, diet, and sports help support this area.

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Community wellbeing aims to illuminate the sense of engagement you have with the area where you live. It is about finding our way as part of a group, civic engagement opportunities, and recognizing that we are never alone in times of hardship. Community wellbeing specifically includes environmental, religious or spiritual, and identity developments.

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Career wellbeing reminds us to strive for a work-life balance while maintaining a commitment to your occupational efforts. It is also about prioritization, time management, and liking what you do every day.

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Recreational wellbeing reminds us that our happiness and growth are achieved through playful learning, joyful action, and leisurely relaxation. It is really about being able to enjoy downtime, practice self-care, and finding respite in our hobbies.

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Financial wellbeing is not just about how much income or savings you have. It is about the efforts that lead to financial security and the strategies that effectively manage your economic life.


  • Be Well at Swat

    Being well means caring for the whole person, the whole community.

  • NIRSA—Leaders in College Education

    Wellbeing is an “optimal and dynamic state that allows people to achieve their full potential.”

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