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May 14, 2014

Staff Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes - May 14, 2014

Rose Maio opened the meeting at 10:30

Attendees: Deb Doherty, Lynn Grady, Vincent Vagozzi, Julie DiPietro, Ben Wilson, Sue Wigo, Paula Dale, Linda Hunt, Trish Tancredi, Rose Maio, Jessica Brangiel, Donzella Franklin, Luis Alverez, Susan Smythe, George Darbes, Dorothy Kunzig, Jacqui West

Ex-Officio Members: Pamela Prescod-Caesar, Zenobia Hargust

SAC Agenda 

  1. Introduction new Circle Representatives.  Rose Maio welcomed the new representatives and thanked the outgoing reps for their contributions.  
  2. Consider the creation of a Night Crew Circle or better method of communication.  The night crew felt that because they had different issues from day workers, they were not being represented at SAC.  They were not getting regular updated communications.  To better serve them, Donzella Franklin will print out and post the minutes and will relay info to the night crew. All Staff meetings can have video to be seen by employees, but cannot be posted on the website.  Suggestions for making a video DVD to be available and watched at their own convenience.
  3. The reallocation of Circles.  There were 10 Circles instead of the 9 that are listed in the By-Laws.  The Circle sizes varied.  Reps were moved to remedy this.  Updated lists will be sent out.Communication.  Reps working in pairs should assign communication tasks so that information is distributed regularly prior to and after meetings.  Minutes will be posted on the website, but should also be sent out via email or posted after approval.  
  4. Communication is not always being disseminated to all employees.  In an effort to be more effective, Reps should assist Circle members by responding to questions and concerns by connecting them with appropriate staff for personal questions, bringing broad questions/concerns to meetings and answering questions directly if the information is readily available. Issues brought forward to meetings and addressed, can then be used to respond to future similar questions. Follow-up is also important.
  5. As SAC representatives, we assist in the recruitment/selection of staff for numerous committee positions.  Several people who volunteered to work on committees were never contacted about them.  We are working on follow up steps, to make sure valuable and interested staff are kept informed.
  6. Review the By-laws.  The By-laws have not been updated since 2007.  
    • According to the By-laws: "SAC will meet with the President-ideally once per semester, but no less than once per year to convey and receive information of interest and concern to staff." SAC will contact the President's Office to schedule an appointment for next year.
    • SAC's primary function is to serve in a listening and communicating capacity on behalf of both staff members and the College administration. Pamela noted employee's specific/personal questions should be brought to HR directly.
    • Currently, the SAC does not have a Secretarial Committee.  This committee would help with the consistent documentation of meeting minutes, updating information and managing the website.  Many of the items on the website need to be archived so that when searching for something, the most current information is found.
    • Representatives will read through the By-laws and make suggestions for changes.  Changes will be voted on in June. Both incoming and outgoing representatives are asked for their input and to attend the June meeting.
  7.  Greg Brown, Vice-President of Finance and Administration has requested to meet with SAC at our next meeting.  It was agreed that we would like to meet with him as a group.

SAC Questions

  1. Shift Differential Pay.   Pamela shared that the possibility of shift differential is under consideration. Since it is not specific to only one department, it will have broader budgetary implications that need further exploration. HR will continue to explore this matter within the compensation structure.  This matter is work in progress and no specifics have been determined at this time.
  2. Staff Assessment Forms.  HR held round-table forums throughout the year to discuss the forms.

Additional Information  

HR:  Zenobia asked for volunteers for the Ice Cream Social, June 11th.  Reps should email Zenobia to volunteer.  On behalf of Sharmaine LaMar who wasn't able to attend today's meeting, Zenobia also asked several reps to assist with reviewing the unofficial draft of the newly developed Appendix B of the Interim Sexual Assault and Harassment Policy, which pertains to resolution of complaints against Staff and Faculty.  5 reps volunteered and will get back to Sharmaine LaMar within a week with feedback.
What are the roles of the Leadership Forum and AAC?  When HR distributes information to these groups, it is not consistently disseminated to the general staff.

SAC will continue to work on ways to better communicate information.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 11 at 10:30 am Gillespie Room.

Respectfully submitted,