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June 11, 2014

Staff Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes - June 11, 2014 (last meeting of the semester)

Rose Maio opened the meeting at 10:32.

Attendees:Rose Maio, Trish Tancredi, Susan Smythe, Danie Martin, Jessica Brangiel, Sue Wigo, Jacqui West, Christi Pappert, Paula Dale, Donzella Franklin, Lynn Grady, Vincent Vagnozzi, Dorothy Kunzig, Sharmaine LaMar, George Darbes.

Ex-Officio Members:Zenobia Hargust

  • Welcomed new SAC member, Danie Martin. 
  •  Voted in favor of approving the addition of a new circle. (We were 9 locations, we’re now 10.) 
  •  There are a few name/title changes made to the bylaws e.g. title of the EOE Officer. 
  •  Rose suggests that we schedule a meeting with the President (at the time of the meeting the news of President Chopp’s departure had not yet be made public). 
  •  New bylaws will go into effect as of today (June 11, 2014).

Regarding updating the SAC web directory

  • By next meeting all members need to send photographs or their photo will be taken at the meeting. (Note that on July 10th the College website will begin using a new, more user-friendly interface. All staff will automatically have their ID photos added to the site for use in these types of directories)
  • Additional note: Next year we will have 3 secretaries.

Could Veterans Day be acknowledged with a moment of silence or similar gesture? (Are there other holidays that should be or could be recognized?)

This issue has been forwarded to HR. HR will share this suggestion with Maurice Eldridge, the Vice President for College and Community Relations

How is LTD (Long Term Disability) top-up calculated?

HR: Balance for LTD top-up is calculated per individual as needed. If an employee is in need of LTD top up hours to supplement the LTD benefit during a leave of absence, HR calculates the annual allowance for sick time for each year, dating back to the employee's date of hire. This calculation is not included in an employee's total compensation, and is only available as a supplement to approved LTD benefits. If employees have additional follow-up questions about the LTD top up calculation, Karen Phillips, Director of Payroll has offered to attend the next SAC meeting.

Why was the ice cream social date changed?

The change of date was the result of a number of calendar conflicts. Many senior staff were unable to attend the original date, including the president. Many honorees were also unable to attend. This was the best time available.

Follow up question
What have we done to prevent this conflict next year?

The date for the ice cream social usually is shared with all senior staff ahead of time, however as we experienced this year unforeseen circumstances may require unplanned changes. We all need to remain flexible.

Keep in mind is that there will still be an ice cream social and an attempt to offer the opportunity to socialize and build community bonds. In future communications, we will make an effort to encourage staff to gather and socialize.

At one of the meetings we spoke about the Garnet Connection and a lack of stories like the ones that previously appeared in the Gathering. HR encouraged SAC to come up with a model for soliciting these stories from the staff and submit them to the Garnet Connection.

HR will work with the Communications Department to provide parameters (word count, guidelines, etc) for employees who may be interested in submitting stories. However, SAC members will be responsible for soliciting and submitting stories.

There is a perception that AAC not adequately disseminate information. Rose followed up on this issue. It seems that their bylaws are currently under review. Don Cooney will be the new convener and will pick up conversation with Rose.

HR: Could SAC provide a few examples of areas where communication has failed?

SAC: There’s a lack of clarity regarding AAC’s purpose. We’ve heard several times this year “that’s been discussed by AAC/leadership forum”, but it’s often the case that the information never made its way to staff.

The problem is really with the Leadership Forum. AAC is not a committee of elected members and they are not necessarily there to bring back information to constituents.

Additional Note

SAC met briefly with Gregory Brown, Vice President for Finance and Administration. During this conversation, SAC emphasized the importance of communication with staff in both directions. Thought needs to be given to what counts as consultation and communication.