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9 October 2013

Staff Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes for October 9, 2013

Attendees: Rose Maio, Jacqui West, Dorothy Kunzig, Delroy Griffiths, Mary Carr, Pattie Kim, Ben Wilson, Vincent Vagnozzi, Susan Smythe, Lynn Grady, Genevieve Nilan, George Darbes, Michael Kappeler, Christi Pappert     

Ex-Officio Members:  Zenobia Hargust, Sharmaine LaMar 

Rose Maio convened the meeting at 10:30AM

  • Role/Attendance was taken for SAC's meeting with Bryn Mawr counterparts October 16th.
  • Moving forward SAC will have forms on the website for all open positions to standardize the process.
  • SAC will begin using Google Docs for collaborative works

Other Info

  • Parking fee will not be implemented by Spring semester

Open Budget Committee Positions

  • After a vote, Kim Armstrong, Andrew Bunting, Christi Pappert, will be recommended as possible appointees to the Budget Committee

Equal Opportunity Position

  • George Darbes has offered his services


  • George Darbes will assist with Web updates
  • Minutes need to be sent for approval 3 day turnaround
  • Representative info is outdated, Pictures need to be added

Students Labor Action Project (SLAP) Survey

  • SLAP wants to send a survey regarding childcare/dependent care that employees may need. 
  • SLAP intends to send the survey on Nov. 11th
  • HR requested that SLAP send it the end of this semester or next year
  • Concerns that the survey will create expectations.
  • Data integrity will need to be preserved- recommendation made to Include Institutional Research and SAC in administering the survey


  • SLAP claim that they are working for and with fac/staff members as advocates for child care. Their interest in specifically focused on on site child care and child care subsidies, emergency care services/on site daycare option.
  • Worry was expressed over creating expectations for on-site child care and spending a lot of time on something that is not feasible at this time. SAC members are hesitant to get involved as it may appear that they would be giving the appearance of official support/approval.
  • SLAP does not want employees to feel that they need to trade off benefits. They feel that with the help of Alumni giving and fundraising they should be able to raise the money over years. 
  • Ideally, the collaborators including SLAP, one member of IR, and SAC members will analyze the results.
  • Survey will have a 2 paragraph disclaimer stating that the students are gathering info for exploratory purposes and participation is voluntary. It will also clearly state that the college does not officially endorse the survey.
  • Ben Wilson has volunteered to serve as SAC representative with SLAP.

Smoke-Free Campus Initiative

 For future discussion.

Staff Concerns

  • All buildings should have defibrillators
  • Suggestion from SAC member: start with thorough CPR training
  • All public safety vehicles are equipped with defibrillators already
  • Given that Swarthmore is a wealthy institution, how is it that other colleges (example: Haverford & Bryn Mawr) have avoided charges for parking? 
  • Where is proof of consensus being used in regards to parking decisions
  • SAC was advised that these concerns can be shared with Paula Dale
  • Students seem to be leaving their vehicles parked in the front spots of Dupont for days-weeks at a time. Is this a policy change? Do they have permission? If not, why are they not ticketed/booted? Can they be requested to leave them further away from the building so that those that use their vehicles can access the spaces?
  • SAC was advised that these concerns can be shared with Paula Dale
  • Who will be moving into Sproul Alumni House? Parrish Second Floor?
  • No Answer available
  • Can we aggregate a list of all of the hidden/little known non-HR type benefits ex: Cell provider discounts, retail discounts, bicycle helmet discounts etc.
  • Yes. Let's create a Google doc to begin building this list.

Meeting adjourned at 11:40AM

Respectfully submitted, 
Michael Kappeler 
Whittier Circle Representative