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30 May 2018

SAC Meeting

Wednesday, May 30


In attendance: Domenic Porrini, Diane Fritz, Trish Tancredi, Pamela Borkowski-Valentin, Lynn Grady, Meg Gebhard, Ben Wilson, Pam Harris, Nabil Kashyap, Zenobia Hargust, Pamela Prescod-Caesar




Mission statement

“Listening to and lifting staff voices to build an informed community.”

Define roles within SAC
Web site
Prioritize ideas/intitiatives
Continuity/succession planning


Things to work on:

*Employee discounts

*Support existing events (ex: 101 Fun Committee events) - working with/communicating with AAC


SAC meetings: Sept, Oct, Nov, Feb, March, Apr (additional meetings as needed)

                            Open House in Fall or Spring in addition to regular meeting


Staff Advisory Council Roles and Responsibilities:


(NEW) All SAC Members:

At least one rep from each circle must be in attendance at a majority of meetings and participate in execution of activities and development of ideas
Uplift matters/issues of concern or ideas, as appropriate, from staff members
Help foster open communication and dialog among with and among staff members


SAC moderator:

Scheduling SAC meetings and notifying members of meeting times and locations
Coordinating the compilation of agenda items in consultation with the members of SAC and the Vice President of Human Resources
Distributing the agenda at least three days in advance to SAC members
Facilitating the SAC meetings
Serving as ‘point person’ for SAC in communicating information to the President and other appropriate administrators, offices, or committees
AAC liaison


SAC Secretary:

Taking summary minutes of the SAC meetings
Within one week of each meeting, distribute draft minutes to members of SAC for their review and approval
Within two weeks of each meeting, distribute approved minutes to the general staff constituency, via email where ever possible and hard copy for posting for staff without email access
In the absence of the moderator, convene the SAC meeting and serve as alternate moderator
In cooperation with HR< coordinate the annual election process
Coordinate update of web page (ex: minutes) on a timely basis



Suggestions for new roles within SAC – minimum 2, preferably 3 per committee


Web site administrators – Pam B-V and Nabil; student/ITS help getting started?

Post meeting minutes, update Circle members, etc.
Google Doc set-up and maintenance


            Google doc sign up for sub-committees – Ben and Diane


Communications – tabling for time being

            Hi-light events on campus especially those having to do with initiatives           we’re supporting  


Staff Discounts Committee – Trish and Julie w/Cindy Urick

Update current listing (and keep current)
Have web administrator post on SAC site


Social Committee 

Support existing events         
Intra-mural events as suggested at Open House


Recruitment Committee