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27 May 2009

Staff Advisory Council
Meeting minutes for 27 May 2009

Members present:

Tami Gura, John Dukes, Mimi Weiler, Lois Falzone, Cathy Pescatore, Terry McGrath, Carolyn Vance, Joseph Deasey, Anna Headley, and Brad Rumsey.

Ex-Officio members present:

Melanie Young representing Human Resources and Shar LaMar representing the EEO Office

The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) of Swarthmore College was called to order at 9:39 am on Wednesday May 27, 2009 by moderator Mary Marissen. The following items were discussed:

New SAC Member

  • Janet McSwiggan was introduced as the new SAC representative from the Rose Garden Circle. Janet is replacing Mimi Weiler, whose term expired, effective September 2009.
  • A representative from Sharples Circle is still needed.

On Campus Workshops

  • On campus workshops are provided in the contract with the College’s employee assistance program provider, Carebridge.
  • These programs may be offered this summer and may cover subjects such as stress management, personal money management, and coping with uncertainty.

Ad-Hoc Financial Planning Group

  • No decisions have been made by the Committee yet but work continues on a contingency plan.
  • The Ad-Hoc Committee will not meet during the summer and will resume in the autumn.
  • SAC representatives realize that there is some confusion about actions employees observe on campus.
  • Several topical meetings may be scheduled over the summer to alleviate this confusion.
  • Tentative topics include: “Why Are We Spending Money on This?”, “How Safe are My Benefits?” and “How Safe is My Job?”.
  • It is thought that these topics could be discussed over a brown bag type of lunch meeting and will be advertised in the Faculty-Staff email digest and the SAC website.

Faculty/Staff Benefits Committee

  • There is an opening on this committee for another staff member.
  • SAC representatives are asked to solicit interest from employees in their Circles, emphasizing that it is a working committee which meets monthly. Interested people should be able to attend meetings and be willing to contribute to discussion. This is a 3 year term. There are three spots for staff on the committee.
  • Michael Jones’ term is up.
  • The other current staff members serving are Anne Garrison, McCabe Library, and Vince Vagnozzi, from the Post Office.

SAC Representatives

  • All employees are encouraged to bring issues of concern to their SAC representatives to facilitate communication.
  • SAC members are reminded to communicate regularly with their circles.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:39 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Baksi

Additional Meeting June 10, 2009
Members in attendance: John Dukes, Carolyn Vance, Lois Falzone, Mary Marissen, Anna Headley, Tami Gura, Pat Hearty, Janet McSwiggan, Betsy Durning, Brad Rumsey, Beth Baksi.

SAC met to choose a new staff representative for the Faculty Staff Benefits Committee. After lively discussion of the 13 names brought forward, Jen Moore was selected.