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23 April 2019


Staff Advisory Council Meeting

Agenda for Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Listening to and lifting staff voices to build an informed community

Lynn Grady, Domenic Porrini, Diane Fritz, Pamela BV, Luis Alvarez, Ashley Turner, Zenobia Hargust, Kathy Reinersmann, Trish Tancredi, Susan Eagar, Pam Harris



Question/concern 1- Communicable Disease Notification

  • How broadly is message shared? 

    • General, campus wide notification.  

  • Is there a separate, private notification to anyone who has had close contact with the patient?

    • Worth Health Center explains:

“We work closely with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Centers for Disease Detection in risk surveillance and response.  Members of the faculty and staff with symptoms or concerns should contact their healthcare providers. Be assured that we will continue to provide updates if there are new developments.

Basically, once the DOH or CDD take a detailed history and determine if indeed the patient is infected with something communicable, they then make notifications as needed.”


Question/concern 2 – Changing venue of All-Staff Meeting?
Conversation about recording and making recordings available to staff as a matter of course. 

  • Moving forward, we will record All-Staff Meetings

  • Is there a good time to hold All Staff to encourage participation? 

    • The most significant consideration is Val Smith’s availability.

  • Where are these recordings posted? 

    • We can post on SAC website. Media Services will record upon request. They will provide requestor with a link. Communications might have to ‘sign off’ prior to having the video posted.

    • Make sure presenters know that they are being recorded according to PA Law. “This session is being recorded for staff who cannot attend.”

    • Notify staff about recordings:

      • Email invite

      • Announcement at meeting

      • Follow-up email with link to SAC website which will house the video

  • Given the numbers of attendees, can we hold All-Staff meetings in a better space that might encourage more feedback & discussion? Maybe even set up some sort of ongoing online chat or discussion group too, for even better feedback and discussion?

  • To whom/where does go? Ashley to research the email question. 

  • We want to solicit questions prior to All-Staff meetings. Explore options to do this in Fall 2019.


Question/concern 3- Change to by-laws?

Explore the idea of changing the by-law about staff needing to be employed by the College for one year before being eligible to run as a rep for their circle. Consider changing that bylaw to being at the College for a minimum of 3 months since that is the probationary period.

  • Consensus to keep the by-law to one year. It takes one year to get to know the job, the college, and issues. 

  • SAC is considered an executive advisory Board and representative of circle constituents. It is of value to have at least a year to learn about your position and community.

  • SAC welcomes fresh perspectives and will offer avenues to receive them.

    • Membership committee can intentionally seek out a balance of new and seasoned staff on SAC.

    • Encourage fresh perspectives through increased OUTREACH with an open house at least once a year!!


Question/concern 4- Group Exercise Athletics
Concern about students included with faculty and staff [in yoga] and questions about restricting class participation to faculty/staff only. 

  • The goal is to build an inclusive community.

  • Funds are intermingled with Athletics, whom serve our students as well.

  • During faculty and staff development week, there ARE staff-faculty only fitness sessions 


Agenda for SAC Meetings for Next Year

  • We will have new co-chairs

  • Start with a moment of silence

  • Upcoming Dates

  • Each SAC Sub-Committee reports out

  • Plan outreach events: SAC could work on a project such as ‘smoke free campus’ or ‘community conversations’ similar to Shá Duncan-Smith, host forums to discuss issues

  • Review questions and suggestions  



Fall Open House 2019

  • Plan on two locations: 101 S. Chester and Parrish Hall


SAC summer Retreat 

  • Think about goals for 2019-20

  • How can we use the sub-committees effectively: Membership, EVS, Public Safety, Dining Services are not well represented. Membership has to be intentional. Plan how to recruit targeted departments.

  • How do we partner with AAC?

  • Are there areas on campus where we can add value?

  • Ideas for outreach [research origin story/history of SAC in college archive]


Next Meeting

  • Breakfast meeting and celebration

  • Finalize memberships and leadership on Diane and Domenic

  • We will review recommendations and make a decision for new members prior at the May meeting

    • Will send a reminder via faculty-staff digest