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20- Aug- 2019


Staff Advisory Council Meeting 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 

Listening to and lifting staff voices to build an informed community

Trish Tancredi, Christie Ashton, Pamela Borkowski-Valentin, Melanie Leeds, Diane Fritz, Felicite Gibson, Jenna Rose, Susan Romero, Susan Eagar, Ashley Turner, Molly Lawrence, Oliver Hollocher-Small, Pamela Prescod-Caesar 


Welcome and Introductions

Welcome new members!  List of current representatives

Experienced Members

  • What advice would you offer to the new members?

  • Of which accomplishment(s) are you most proud?

New Members

  •  What would you like this organization to mean to you one year from now?

  •  What would you like to ask the experienced members?

  •  What goals would you like to accomplish this year?



Tuesday, Sept 17 SAC meeting, Sharples 209, 9-10:00 am

Tuesday, Oct 15 SAC meeting, 101 S. Chester Room 002, 9-10:00 am

Tuesday, Nov 12 Fall All Staff Gathering, Lang Concert Hall, 10:30 am-Noon


For Discussion: 

  • Review your information on the SAC website to make sure it is correct, List of current representative

    • Some department listings need to be updated, i.e. replace Asian Studies with Interdisciplinary Studies.

    • Assign a point person who will email 

  • Decide who will be responsible for sending a monthly email to your circle regarding upcoming SAC meetings.

  • Sub-committee Assignments 

    • New Members have been assigned to a subcommittee.

    • Current members need to update the list of where they would like to be assigned for 2019-20.

    • There is interest in having a Fall and Spring Open House

    • Sub-committee should begin meeting 

  • Meeting Structure to follow for 2019-20

    • Upcoming Dates

      • We will alternate the location of the meetings, check the calendar information

    • Sub-committee updates

    • Questions/concerns from the community

  • Susan will send the Council meeting calendar requests for 2019-20 meetings

  • Reminder to all that attendance to monthly meetings is an expectation as part of your membership.




Question/concern 1

  • Chester Children’s Chorus was not represented and will get added to Lang Circle.

  • There are some department listing updates on the website.