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19 March 2019

Staff Advisory Council Minutes

19 March 2019

In attendance:

Lynn Grady, Domenic Porrini, Susan Eager, Diane Fritz, Pamela BV, Lauri Courtenay, Luis Alvarez, Ashley Turner, Julie DiPietro, Kim Strand, Zenobia Hargust, Pam Harris

Thursday, April 4                     10:00 am, All Staff Meeting, Lang Music Concert Hall
Tuesday, April 23                    9:00 am, SAC meeting, Sharples 209
Finalize All Staff Agenda:
                                    Spring 2019 All Staff, Thursday, April 4, 10:00 – 11:30 am
                                    Val Smith – Opening comments
                                    PPC – Introduction of Barb Milewski (needs to speak first/teaching later)
                                    Barb Milewski – Faculty Child Care Committee
                                    Alice Turbiville – Purchasing Office updates
                                    Greg Brown – Financial Report
SAC Vacancies:
Know your circle -

  • Co-moderators are reaching out to individuals who may be interested in assuming leadership for SAC.
  • Send a link to minutes, a call for suggestions and questions via
  • Add a note at the end of the email for supervisors to post this email, e.g.  Facilities and EVS. So many new people on campus, do they know we exist?
  • Co-moderators to announce there are open positions at the All Staff Meeting and remind people about SAC
  • Send a message to Official Staff [Diane] recruiting members to SAC, 
  • IDEA: sponsor a SAC Happy Hour to discuss opportunities
  • New Members: Welcome Ashley Turner from Whittier Circle

Qualtrics Survey for committee appointments
A new process for staff nominations that go through SAC to streamline the entire process (including the results).
The "survey" would just be composed of a few lines for people to fill in (such as name, department, etc), but it would allow one link to be sent out in a uniform way, and it would allow all of the results to be captured in one location (versus you/next chair having to compile multiple emails).

The SAC communications sub-committee will send out the initial survey to the staff listserv so that everyone is notified at the same time in the same way; SAC reps could send out reminder(s) to their circles.

Website to be updated to include how to identify which circle you are associated with

Moderators Discussion
Diane and Domenic are finished their term April 2019, but consider staying on as ex-officio / emeriti to advise going forward