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18 January 2012

Staff Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes for January 18, 2012


Linda Hunt, Mary Carr, Lynn Grady, Sheila Magee, Dorothy Kunzig, Jacqui West, Susan Smythe, Alex McClung, Steve Palmer, John Dukes Jr., Janet McSwiggan, Susan Smythe and Ralph Thayer.

Ex-Officio Members:

Sharmaine LaMar

Linda Hunt convened the meeting at 9:30 a.m. in the Scheuer room.

Giving Tree – Many thanks

Thanks to all those that participated in the giving tree project. Linda Hunt reported that Tami Gura said the participation level for Christmas 2011 was tremendous and the gifts were very much appreciated.

Climate Action Planning Committee

Ralph Thayer spoke to the group and requested feedback on how to engage staff in the established commitment to reduce carbon output on campus. President Chopp signed the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment in April 2010. This commitment requires the college to have a climate action plan in place by 2013. Ralph is interested in getting the support of staff in the energy conservation efforts and suggested staff visit the sustainability website. The suggestion was made for Ralph to speak at the next scheduled all staff meeting.

Staff Development Week

There was a discussion on the staff development week sessions and the opportunities that are offered during these sessions. The disappointing attendance for the keynote talk was surprising because of the timely nature of the topic, ethics. Those that did attend the keynote and other sessions were quite pleased. Discussion on other ideas for hosting similar events and suggested times during the academic year. Thank you to all of those that put a lot of effort into staff development week.  Reminder to all to complete the follow up survey on line.

Scheuer Room

The issue of the use of Scheuer Room for wellness events was discussed. The suggestion was made to invite Tricia Maloney and Alice Balbierer to attend a SAC meeting to discuss.

Contributions to Retirement Account

The idea of having the option to automatically direct annual salary increases to one’s retirement account was presented. At this time, that option is not available. The option to increase contributions to retirement account is now available via a salary reduction form that can be found on the college website. This salary reduction form needs to be completed and sent to Theresa Handley.

All Staff Meeting

Sharmaine suggested the all staff meeting be set up sometime after Feb. 15, 2012. Rebecca Chopp will attend and Sue Welsh should be invited to attend to give an update on the budget. Ralph Thayer will be invited to speak on CAPComm. Also, suggest brief introductions for new VP of Human Resources, Pamela Prescod-Caesar, and the new VP of Development and Alumni Relations, Karl Clauss.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Carr
Rose Garden Circle