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15 September 2010

Staff Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes for 15 September 2010


Cathy Pescatore, Lisa Maginnis, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Linda Hunt, Mary Marissen, Cassy Burnett, Carolyn Saufley, Lynn Grady, Janet McSwiggan, Betsy Durning, Sheila Magee, Terry McGrath, Pat Hearty, Tami Gura

Ex-Officio Members:

Melanie Young, Sharmaine LaMar


  • SAC representatives should make sure they have an updated group e-mail list incorporating all new representatives
  • An election is needed in both the Sharples and Magill Circles for one more representative in each
  • SAC welcomes newest rep Ursula Young, of Magill Circle
  • Mary Marissen asked SAC representatives to considering co-moderating this year so that someone is ready to take over as moderator once her term is finished.
  • Mary Marissen asked the SAC members to consider volunteering for the open position of Secretary. The Secretary is responsible for taking & preparing the minutes for the meetings.
  • The campus photographer visited our meeting and took a new group photo in addition to individual photos needed for updating the SAC web pages

Staff Committee Appointments:

  • SAC rep needed to keep track of staff appointments on various College Committees.
  • Betsy Durning volunteered to be the point person.
  • Budget Committee needs 2 staff members immediately.
  • SAC representatives should consider possible nominees and bring names to the October meeting so that the slots will be filled as soon as possible.

Strategic Plan:

The Strategic Plan proposal is being reviewing by the Board of Managers on 10/2/10. The proposal contains a structure that includes the formation of a Steering Committee that will report to the Board and knowledge-specific subgroups reporting to the Steering Committee. There will be a need for non-exempt representation on the committee. The staff person selected will need to have relevant content knowledge and experience working with students. Melanie Young estimated that the Steering Group would meet once a month and the Subgroups would meet on a determined scheduled but probably no more than 5 hours a month.

Fall All-Staff Meeting:

The following topics were discussed:

  1. Update on the Strategic Plan - Rebecca Chopp.
  2. Updates on the Inn - Stu Hain.
  3. Athletics to speak as the featured department. Mary Marissen will coordinate with the President's office to find a time for the meeting.

Open Enrollment:

Melanie Young talked briefly about open enrollment and asked if anyone had received any feedback from staff regarding the changes. She reported that rates are now on website under FAQ section and the information sessions are being well attended.

Online Phone Directory:

ITS currently is working on having Departments searchable in the Online Directory and hope to have it up and running soon.

Future agenda items:

Printer/Copier lease discussion with ITS, Recycling and Public Safety concerns, Pets in offices, reinstituting First Fridays.

Being no further business, meeting was adjourned at 10:30am.

Next meeting will be in October 20, 2010.

Respectfully submitted,
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Whittier Circle Representative