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15 November 2016

Nov 15, 2016

SAC Meeting Minutes


Attending:  Diane Fritz (moderating), Lynn Grady, Elizabeth Stern, Lauri Courtenay, Susan Wigo, Meghan Gebhard, Julie DiPietro, Christi Pappert, Donzella Franklin, Danie Martin (recording), Pamela Prescod-Caesar (ex-officio from Human Resources)


Upcoming dates:

Friday Nov 18     Food for Thought: Carbon Charge

Monday Dec 5    Understanding Your Compensation workshops

Tuesday Dec 6     Winter gathering 10:00am Lang


Update-Magnolia circle - no volunteers so far to join George Darbes as rep.   George can’t make Tuesday morning meeting times. Discussed problem; decided first to try more possible candidates for rep, second if needed revisit changing meeting time.
SAC requested nominations from the circles and 2 staff members were voted for recommendation to participate in Commencement.  An announcement will be forthcoming.
Possible April All Staff topics

Construction progress on 101, BEP, other.

Student parking across from Ben West lot: (also discussed concerns of parking enforcement in the new lot and at 101 lot)

Learning for Life – program overview/ensuring more people know about it. The committee discussed the possibility of expanding the program as a community building opportunity for faculty, staff and students. The committee will explore this further with Dean Diane Anderson and learn more details about the program.


                  Spring All Staff Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 13, 10:00-11:30 a.m. (per Jenny Gifford in President’s Office)   SAC will reserve Lang in advance. 


Could you ask SAC to look into how DCTMA could be helpful during times of strike and/or in general? 
Another organization is Community Transit ( I'm not sure if this mainly for people with medical or mobility issues.  Hi, another question: is there an equivalent organization for Philadelphia? I guess the others would only help if the SEPTA strike is affecting Delaware County.

                  Response from HR: “The College does not have any policy pertaining to transit issues.  From time                 to time if there is an event occurring that will affect employees who commute, we may send             out an advisory notice.” 

                  Also, Diane will reach out to the Transportation/Parking Committee to see if this subject has       come up at their meetings.

Personal computer purchase - limited to every 4 years?  If so, why? Can it be changed back to every 2 years or at least go by how long you’ve been at the college?

Response from HR:  The 4-year interval for the loan program was a decision made in consultation with the finance department. The 4-year time frame mirrors the ITS computer replacement plan for College computers. If you need more information about the Computer Loan Program, please visit the HR webpage at

“I have a suggestion regarding community-building and I don't know where else to send it. However, if you have suggestions, please send them along.  I'd like to propose "Community Hours" wherein all folks who work here are allowed to be engaged with something on campus      that contributes to the larger community but that is outside their "job." For example, we have vegetable gardens. Can a worker get "free time" to garden - supervised by folks in the Arboretum much like how Sheila and Sandra did this summer - within work hours, because it still         benefits the community? Another example: we have book groups on campus that bring together various striations of our faculty and staff... and they only meet for an hour to an hour and a half     each month for a total of 5 months. That contributes to relationship building within the community. Attending Collection contributes to relationship building within the community. Helping with the Trash Audit betters the community. And so on.  I'm not sure how this can be initiated and executed, but I'm hoping some other folks might be interested and help develop this idea and bring it to fruition in some form.”

The following discussion/points were made:

Many such community volunteer opportunities already exist such as Learning for Life and through the Office of Sustainability and periodically, other events across campus. The committee discussed creative and effective ways to display the many community efforts across campus. Since many were unaware of the various volunteer opportunities offered through Learning for life, it was suggested consideration be given to explore and possibly expand the program as a way to address the question. (More info about Learning for Life is at ).

The committee also discussed the fact that Department schedules and staff position/schedules vary greatly and may impact staff member’s ability to participate; some areas just cannot grant blocks of time for their staff. 

Diane will touch base with the appropriate Dean to learn more about Learning for Life and the possibility of opening up opportunities to more staff members.

If an employee feels unable to participate in any opportunities on campus, they should discuss their concern with their immediate supervisor and or Human Resources.

As a follow-up to a recent inquiry regarding the village fire horn, we learned that action is now underway to implement Silent Hours for Village Fire Horn from 11pm to 7am; this will go into effect soon!