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13 November 2013

Staff Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes for November 13, 2013

Attendees: Rose Maio, Jacqui West, George Darbes, Dorothy Kunzig, Delroy Griffiths, Donzella Franklin, Mary Carr, Pattie Kim, Ben Wilson, Susan Smythe, Lynn Grady, Michael Kappeler, Christi Pappert, Linda Hunt, Julie DiPietro, Deb Doherty

Ex-Officio Members:  Zenobia Hargust    

Rose Maio convened the meeting at 10:30AM

Meeting with Bryn Mawr College equivalent to SAC

  • Bryn Mawr asked about our Swarthmore's approach to salary and reviews. 
  • They have a new president and new HR staff. 
  • Members of Bryn Mawr's SAC equivalent pay dues to be on their committee. 
  • Reports that it's difficult  to find committee members at Bryn Mawr.
  • There no Ex-Officio members at the Bryn Mawr meetings. 
  • Their committee is in a rebuilding phase.
  • A request was made to bring Bryn Mawr and Haverford College SAC groups to Swarthmore.

Winter Gathering

  • The Gathering will be held on Thursday Dec. 12th 10AM-12PM. Followed by a reception.
  • SAC members will act as greeters, program distributors, and guide attendees to reception.

Staff Concerns

Q. Why is there no staff representation on the VP search committee.
A. There is a staff member, Kozue Tsunoda 
Q. How were participants selected?
A.  Good question, we'll look into it and have an answer shortly.

There was a question about mold in one of the buildings.

Facility related issues need to be reported to immediately. 

There was a question about offensive chalkings.

A staff member expressed that they are occasionally offended by chalkings on campus and feel they should not have to be confronted by the content.

Committee Activities

Equal Opportunity Advisory Committee

  • Typically meets twice a semester or as needed.
  • Two SAC members expressed interest in EOAC.
  • There have not been any meetings this semester. 
  • This year, the committee will provide input for employee non-discrimination policy and procedural revisions. 

Parking and Transportation Committee

  • Doug Willen and Mike Jones have been selected to serve on the Parking and Transportation Committee.

Notes from HR

  • An Ad hoc committee is being formed to discuss hiring and selection processes. Specifically, how will we ensure diversity.
  • Pamela Prescod-Caesar and Liz Braun will be  heading the committee. 
  • The following SAC members have volunteered to serve: Dorothy Kunzig, and Ben Wilson, & Pattie Kim.

Suzanne P. Welsh Award

"Established in 2011 by Eugene M. Lang '38 to honor Suzanne P. Welsh, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer. Sue Welsh's high standards in providing dedicated service to the College as a member of its staff is an exemplary model for all staff members. Award recipients will be selected by a peer-influenced process and will exhibit professionalism through dedicated service, initiative, high standards of quality work, integrity, and commitment to the College's mission, serving as a model and inspiration for members of the staff community."


  • Dependent care survey will go out in January.
  • HR and SAC spoke with SLAP about the expectations and the wording for the exploratory survey.
  • Students were appreciative of SAC involvement.

Shift Differential

  • HR is exploring comparable compensation at peer institutions.

Giving tree

  • HR will look into the appropriateness of having the giving tree gift locations.

Respectfully submitted, 
Michael Kappeler 
Whittier Circle Representative