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12 September 2013

Staff Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes for September 12, 2013

Attendees:Rose Maio, Linda Hunt, Jacqui West, Lynn Grady, Ben Wilson, Pattie Kim, Mary Carr, Donzella Franklin, Julie Dipietro, Michael Kappeler, Christi Pappert, George Darbes

Ex-Officio Members: Sharmaine LaMar, Pamela Prescod-Caesar

Mary Carr convened the meeting at 11 a.m. in Sharples.

  • Rose Maio and Jacqui West may take Moderator roles
  • All Staff Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 10:00 a.m. Pamela Prescod-Caesar has confirmed that there will be a presentation on Title IX at this meeting. The Information Security Committee would like some time at the Fall All-Staff Meeting to discuss Information Security. Martin Warner has requested that Nick Hannon do a presentation on phishing and show (project) his map of the world showing sources of phishing attempts. HR Announcements Mentioning Annual Benefits Fair, Open Enrollment, Save the Date for Staff Development week etc.
  • Budget Committee - SAC reps were requested to send out requests to their circles to sit on the Budget Committee
  • Invitation from staff committee at Bryn Mawr College - general consensus to accept the invitation Will check availability for Oct 16th
  • SAC Circle Distribution - In order to best represent the staff, Reps should be associated with the physical location they are located in.

Requests and Suggestions

  • Note in Fac/Staff Digest when minutes are updated
  • Updates to Website
  • Request to create a better plan for informing staff about alternative parking locations on Move in Day


  • Current permits do not expire so current data is unreliable.
  • How will permit payments be deducted?
  • Why are non-Swarthmore Community Members parked on campus not towed or booted?
  • Why is the Guaranteed Ride Home program not a part of initial implementation. If we were members of Delaware Valley Transportation Association members this service would be provided.
  • What happens during weather emergencies?
  • What about Motorcycles, Mopeds, Bicycles?


  • How will Affordable Health Care change our health plans?
  • Next year when the exchanges open we will be making significant changes, expect them to be addressed by HR further down the line.

In response to Retirement Concerns

Retirement changes had already been delayed. A fiduciary committee has been working to keep our retirement plans in compliance with changing regulations. In order to make sure that we were able to monitor and keep in line with these regulations we streamlined our offerings . 403-B now has an annual audit.

The committee chose funds that within the available classes made sense for our participants.

Title IX

There was a request for increased Title IX Training available.


  • At the senior staff retreat the idea of a smoke-free campus was discussed. They would like SAC to explore the idea.
  • One vacancy on Equal Opportunity Advisory Committee
  • Discuss the topic of Shift Difference in Pay

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Kappeler
Whittier Circle Representative