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10 December 2008

Staff Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes for December 10, 2008

The following members were present: Lynn Grady, Tami Gura, Brad Rumsey, John Dukes, Mimi Weiler, Mary Marissen, Anna Headley, and Joe Deasey.
Human Resources: Melanie Young
Equal Opportunity Officer: Sharmaine LaMar

Winter Gathering

Feedback from employees regarding the Winter Gathering was discussed

  • Employees believe that although the adjustments to the post-program portion of the event helped, Lang Music Lobby remains too crowded.
  • A concern with the placement of food near the stairs was raised as a safety issue.
  • Different venues were discussed for future Gatherings, including LPAC or the Fieldhouse. Both areas have some drawbacks.
  • A suggestion was again made to have the event in one area and the reception in another.

South Circle Election

Members offered suggestions for the South Circle election after Brad reported on results he received.

Cost Saving Initiatives

We discussed ways to save electricity, particularly with office computers. Recommendations have since been forthcoming from IT. All employees should follow the IT recommendations. These and additional initiatives may be the topic for the next all staff meeting. Shar will be in communication with Carr Everbach about agenda possibilities.

Shift Differential

Melanie indicated she is not giving up on this issue but needs to table it until the economic situation begins to turn around.

Memorial Day & Labor Day

Melanie spoke with Bryn Mawr College who indicated that they always have been closed on those 2 days, however, Dining Services, Public Safety and Facilities employees are exempt from the holidays. But, current financial times make it difficult to negotiate for more Paid Time Off at Swarthmore.

Time Sheets

SAC members reported hearing concerns raised by employees regarding the proposed automated time reporting system.

Melanie reminded all that the college is still two years away from converting employees. HR has not yet made a decision about which system it will use and Melanie assures us there will be an open evaluation process. The current time sheet system requires manual data entry and needs to be replaced with an automated system in line with current standards.

Holiday Charities

Thanks to Tami and her team for putting The Giving Tree option it in place this year in addition to Adopt-A-Family. Many employees participated in both options and efforts will be made to ensure both will be available in the future.

Reflective Tape

John advised the group that once the reflective tape that adheres to concrete is found this will be complete

SAC Agenda

SAC is encouraged to think proactively about broad issues the group could address in order to have a positive impact on the entire employee community.