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03 June 2019

Staff Advisory Council Minutes

June 3, 2019

Pamela Prescod-Caesar, Diane Fritz, Ashley Turner, Trish Tancredi, Steve Lockard, George Darbes, Pamela Borkowski-Valentin, Domenic Porrini, Susan Eagar, Nabil Kashyap, Carl Benner, Luis Alvarez, Pam Harris


  • Each Circle will have two reps and one alternate

  • SAC representatives are responsible to notify the SAC moderator, in the event that they are unable to attend meetings. If consecutive meetings are missed without contacting the moderator, it may be determined that they will forfeit their membership.

  • Diane Fritz will remain on the Council for an extended year (FY19/20) in the capacity of  “Past Moderator”. 

Chester Circle
Christie Ashton
Trish Tancredi 
Pamela Borkowski-Valentin (Extended Term)

Lang Circle
Melanie Leeds 
Diane Fritz (Extended Term)

McGill Circle
Steve Lockard
Garry Beauford
Shirley Slaughter (tentative)

Rose Garden
Felicite Gibson
Jenna Rose
George Darbes (Extended Term)

Scott Circle
Nabil Kashyap
Pam Harris

Jean Nilan (Tentative)
Damon Anderson (Tentative)
Lynn Grady (Extended Term)

South Circle
Carl Benner
Susan Romero (Tentative)
Roderick Wolfson '22 (Tentative)

Susan Eagar (SAC Moderator)
Luis Alvarez

Ashley Turner
Molly Lawrence
Oliver Hollocher-Small

It is expected that all SAC Representatives attend meetings.  

Meeting Dates for 2019-2020 will be scheduled in the summer will be printed and emailed to all members.

The new Moderator will reach out to nominees fin Chester Road Circle to gauge their interest in serving on SAC.   Please note that SAC members are eligible for membership only if they are in good employment standing. In the event more nominees than positions are available, the committee may ask nominees to write short paragraph specifying their interest in serving on SAC.

If a vote is needed, a voting survey will be sent to each Circle and remain open until June 12 with a final decision on June 14 based on the number of votes.

Next Garnet Connection will include the new SAC membership. A group photo will be scheduled with Communications by the end of June 2019. 

The SAC Committee extended their sincere appreciation to Domenic Porrini and Diane Fritz, for their leadership of SAC as Co-Moderators, and expressed thanks to Ben Wilson and Julie DiPietro, for completion of their service.

Items to consider over the summer:

  • The new SAC Moderator  will work on new member orientation, meeting schedule and sub-committee structures

  • Should the committee create a new circle with the opening of Singer Hall, and should we consider a restructure of other circles?