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Nominate a Senior

The Speaking Associates Program and Center for Innovation and Leadership co-host the Senior Showcase on every spring in April. The Senior Showcase brings the Swarthmore community together to learn from senior projects from across all three divisions. Participating students each have three minutes and one slide to present their work. The showcase is typically followed by a reception where attendees can interact and ask questions of Showcase participants. 

Why only three minutes? 
The answer is many people will not take more than three minutes to listen and understand a student's work; therefore, students need to learn both how to distill their work into a three-minute sound bite and also how to explain their work to a more general audience.  It has been quite inspiring to see how students convert their work into a presentation that their peers and professors across the disciplines can engage with and access. 

Prior to the showcase, each participant will attend an opening workshop and then be paired with a speaking associate who will provide individual coaching.