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Tomoko Sakomura

Associate Professor of Art History, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs



  2. Phone: (610) 328-8119
  3. Parrish 108
  4. Beardsley 206


B.A. Keio University, Tokyo (1997)
M.A., Columbia University (1998)
Ph.D., Columbia University (2007)

Area of Specialization

East Asian Art


ArtH 001L FYS: From Handscrolls to Comic Books: Pictorial Narratives in Japan
ArtH 032 Crafting Nature: The Art of Japanese Tea Culture
ArtH 033 Famous Places and Sacred Sites: The Art of Landscape in East Asia
ArtH 034 Colloquium: East Asian Calligraphy
ArtH 039 Contemporary Japanese Visual Culture
ArtH 095 Cracking Visual Codes
ArtH 136 Word and Image in Japanese Art

Selected Publications

"Changing Hands: Teika, Poetry, and Calligraphy in Sixteenth-Century Japan." In Around Chigusa: Tea and the Arts of Sixteenth-Century Japan, edited by Dora C. Y. Ching, Louise Allison Cort, and Andrew M. Watsky, 71-90. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 2017.

Poetry as Image: The Visual Culture of Waka in Sixteenth-Century Japan. Leiden: Brill, 2016.
[View additional information on Poetry as Image]

"Japan: 1400-1600" and "Japan: 1600-1750." In History of Design: Decorative Arts and Material Culture, 1400-2000, edited by Pat Kirkham and Susan Weber. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2013.
Explore information on the above publication here.

"Futatsu no kasenzu byōbu o meguru ichishiron (A Study of Two Poet-Portrait Screens)." In Chūsei nomonogatari to kaiga (Medieval Narratives and Painting) for the series Chūsei bungaku to rinsetsu shogaku (Medieval Literature and Neighboring Studies) 9, edited by Ishikawa Tōru, 167-196. Tokyo: Chikurinsha, 2013.

"Uta, sakura, byōbu--tekusuto to imeji ni yoru Yoshino zō (Poetry, Cherry Blossoms, and the Folding Screen: Yoshino in Text and Image)." In Amerika ni watatta monogatari-e: emaki, byōbu, ehon (Narrative Paintings in America: Handscrolls, Folding Screens, and Books), edited by National Institute of Japanese Literature, 117-129. Tokyo: Perikansha, 2013. In Japanese with English summary.

"Visual Remembrances: Flower Viewing, Poetry, and Yoshino in Text and Image." In Japanese Visual Culture: Performance, Media, and Text, edited by Kenji Kobayashi, Maori Saitō, and Haruo Shirane, 85-100. Tokyo: National Institute of Japanese Literature, 2013.

"Summoning the Thirty-Six Poets: A Look at a Poet-Portrait Screen," Impressions 32 (2011), 145-165.

"Negotiating Word and Image: The Case of Ôgi no sôshi (Imêji to tekisuto no fukusôteki kankei--"Ôgi no sôshi" o rei toshite)." In New Horizons in Japanese Literary Studies: Canon Formation, Gender, and Media (Ekkyô suru nihon bungaku kenkyû--kanon keisei, gendâ, media), edited with Introduction by Haruo Shirane, 120-123, E108-110. Tokyo: Benseisha, 2009. [Bilingual publication]

"Unfolding Narratives: Visualising the Tales of Genji and Heike on the Folding Screen." In The Golden Journey: Japanese Art from Australian Collections, edited by James Bennett and Amy Newland, 78-89. Adelaide: Art Gallery of South Australia, 2009.

"Japanese Games of Memory, Matching, and Identification." In Asian Games: The Art of Contest, edited by Colin Mackenzie and Irving Finkel, 253-71. New York: Asia Society, 2004.

Kazari: Decoration and Display in Japan 15th-19th Centuries, edited by Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere. London: British Museum Press, 2002. Contributing author.

Early Modern Japanese Literature: An Anthology 1600-1900, edited by Haruo Shirane. New York: Columbia University Press, 2002. Contributing author.

Making Sense of Glances and Gestures: A Japanese Poet-Portrait

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