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Shailen Mishra

Visiting Assistant Professor

Writing Associates


  2. Phone: (610) 690-5641

Dr. Shailen Mishra is a writing teacher, writing studies scholar, and creative writer. As a teacher, he believes in a humanizing and dialogic pedagogy. Dr. Mishra strives to grow as a teacher and learn with his students. What he values as a teacher is that students challenge themselves in his courses, take risks, find a supportive community, and take a memorable learning experience into their future.

Dr. Mishra has taught a variety of writing and literature courses in different institutions such as University of Delaware, Illinois State University, and North Carolina State University. As a writing studies scholar, his research focuses on making writing pedagogy more relevant and enriching for the students; for example, in one essay he argues that constraint-based writing aesthetics can help creative writing students become self-sufficient and bold in their idea-generation process. As a creative writer, his fiction wrestles with the turbulent and unique multiplicities of India, a place he belongs to in many ways. Dr. Mishra is currently at work on a novel based on a catastrophic hurricane that hit the east coast of India in 1999.

Dr. Mishra's works have appeared in The Baltimore Review, The Bookends Review, The Shine Journal, and elsewhere. He holds a PhD in English Studies (with emphasis in Creative Writing) from Illinois State University and an MFA in Creative Writing from North Carolina State University. More of his thoughts and opinions can be accessed at his personal website:

Shailen Mishra serves as Interim Multilingual Writing Specialist for Fall 2023.