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Natalie Mera Ford

Assistant Professor and Multilingual Writing Specialist

Writing Associates

English Literature


  2. Phone: (610) 690-5540
  3. Trotter Hall 104

Natalie Mera Ford is Assistant Professor of English and Multilingual Writing Specialist in the Writing Associates Program at Swarthmore College.  Natalie holds a Ph.D. in English and Related Literature from the University of York, U.K., where her research focused on trancelike states in the discourses of Victorian fiction and mental science. She taught literature, writing, and English language to graduate students, researchers, and professionals in England, Denmark, and France before teaching composition and literature courses at Temple University and Saint Joseph's University. Natalie also served as 2016-17 Fellow of The Unbinding Prometheus Project, a nonprofit interdisciplinary arts and humanities public education project that convened at the University of Pennsylvania.  At Swarthmore, Natalie's writing and rhetoric courses are informed by her interdisciplinary scholarship. She has published peer-reviewed articles and chapters on the intersection of psychology and literature in nineteenth-century Britain, as well as on contemplative pedagogy, and she has co-edited a special issue of The Journal on Excellence in College Teaching.  Natalie's recent conference presentations include talks on contemplative pedagogy, the medical humanities, and translanguaging.