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Michael Mullan

Professor of Physical Education and Sociology

Sociology & Anthropology


  2. Phone: (610) 328-8212
  3. Office Hours: On leave spring 2020


Ph.D. Temple University, History, 2009
Ph.D. University of Delaware, Sociology, 1993
M.Ed. Temple University, Physical Education, 1987
B.A. University of California, Berkeley, 1971


Nation, Culture and The Rise of a Gaelic Public Sphere: The Philadelphia Irish, 1880-1920 is forthcoming from Rutgers University Press

2013. “Sport, Culture and Nation Among the Irish of Philadelphia, 1880-1910,” Journal of Urban History.  xx, (January) 2013, 1-22.

2012. “The Civic Life of Abruzzo Transferred to Philadelphia: The Italian-American Voluntary Association, 1890-1924,”Italian Americana:  Cultural and Historical Review, (Winter) 2012, xxx, (1 )

1999. “Sport, Ethnicity and the Reconstruction of the Self:  Baseball in America’s Internment Camps,” International Journal of the History of Sport, 16 (1), (March) 1999, 1-21.

1999. “Ethnicity and Sport: The Wapato Nippons and Pre-World War II Japanese American Baseball,”  Journal of Sport History, 21 (1), (Spring,) 1999, 82-115.

1996. “The Devolution of the Irish Economy in the 19th Century and the Bifurcation of Irish Sport,” The International Journal of the History of Sport, 13 (2), (August) 1996, 42-60.

1995 (August).  “Sport as Institutionalized Charisma,” Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 19 (3), 1 (August) 1995, 91-212.

1995.  “Opposition, Social Closure, and Sport:  The Gaelic Athletic Association in the 19th Century,” Sociology of Sport Journal, 12 (3), 1995, 268-289.

Teaching and Research Interests

Sport and society; mobility and the making of ethnic communities; the industrial city; revolution and war.

Courses and Seminars Taught

Ethnicity in Diaspora Lands During the Era of Mass Emigration, 1860-1924.

Sport, War and the Construction of Masculine Identity.

The Social Development of Sport; Sport and Nationalism.

1968: A Year of Rebellion and Change in Perspective.