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Michael Mullan

Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Emeritus Sociology & Anthropology


  2. Phone: (610) 328-8212


Ph.D. Temple University, History, 2009
Ph.D. University of Delaware, Sociology, 1993
M.A. Temple University, Kinesiology, 1987
B.A. University of California, Berkeley, 1971


2021. The Philadelphia Irish: Nation, Culture, and The Rise of a Gaelic Public Sphere, Rutgers University Press

2013. “Sport, Culture and Nation Among the Irish of Philadelphia, 1880-1910,” Journal of Urban History.  xx, (January) 2013, 1-22

2012. “The Civic Life of Abruzzo Transferred to Philadelphia: The Italian-American Voluntary Association, 1890-1924,”Italian Americana:  Cultural and Historical Review, (Winter) 2012, xxx, (1 )

1999. “Sport, Ethnicity and the Reconstruction of the Self:  Baseball in America’s Internment Camps,” International Journal of the History of Sport, 16 (1), (March) 1999, 1-21.

1999. “Ethnicity and Sport: The Wapato Nippons and Pre-World War II Japanese American Baseball,”  Journal of Sport History, 21 (1), (Spring,) 1999, 82-115.

1996. “The Devolution of the Irish Economy in the 19th Century and the Bifurcation of Irish Sport,” The International Journal of the History of Sport, 13 (2), (August) 1996, 42-60.

1995 (August).  “Sport as Institutionalized Charisma,” Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 19 (3), 1 (August) 1995, 91-212.

1995.  “Opposition, Social Closure, and Sport:  The Gaelic Athletic Association in the 19th Century,” Sociology of Sport Journal, 12 (3), 1995, 268-289.

Teaching and Research Interests

Sport and society; mobility and the making of ethnic communities; the industrial city; revolution and war.

Courses and Seminars Taught

  • Ethnicity in Diaspora Lands During the Era of Mass Emigration, 1860-1924.
  • Sport, War and the Construction of Masculine Identity.
  • The Social Development of Sport; Sport and Nationalism.
  • 1968: A Year of Rebellion and Change in Perspective.