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Aqeel Bhatti

Associate in Performance



  2. Eugene M. and Theresa Lang Performing Arts Center

Aqeel is  dedicated professional Tabla player, with experience of 25 years of playing and 15+ years of teaching. Specialized in teaching, communicating with students, building there interest in learning tabla and technique of playing to become professional Tabla player. Experienced in accompanying classical, semiclassical, Kathak dance, Ghazal Geet, Folk, Thumri, Bollywood music as well as solo performances. 

Aqeel is Faculty (Lecturer B, Tabla instructor) at University of Pennsylvania since 2005. 

 since  2011 Aqeel is Accompanying Indian kathak dance class, and in spring 2020 he started teaching  beginning Tabla class at Swarthmore College.

His course at Swarthmore  The drums of North India and Pakistan.

This course is a study of tabla history and playing techniques. Students will be introduced to the basic syllables/language of the drums and hand placement followed by complex phrases and compositions. The course contains an introduction to basic rhythms and compositions such as Paishkar, Kaida, Reala, Gat tora, and Tukra.