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Student Summer Mailbox Access

Student Summer Mailbox Access

Access to student mail over the summer will be limited to students who have been assigned College housing. If you have not been assigned College housing over the summer, any mail or packages received via USPS First-Class, Priority, or Express will be forwarded to your current address on file in Banner. Please be aware that all other classes of USPS mail, including all mail received from other shipping companies, will be returned to the sender.

Mailbox Closing Date

Student mailboxes for all non-seniors will close on Friday, May 24th. Senior mailboxes will remain open until Tuesday, May 28th.

Forwarding Summer Mail

If you have a different forwarding address from the one in Banner that you wish to use over the summer, you must email us at and provide your name, temporary summer mailing address, and the start and end dates of your time at that address.

For more information on our hours and services, please call 610-328-8368 or visit