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My Swat Story: Zara Williams-Nicholas ’19

Zara Williams-Nicholas

Majors: Mathematics, Dance
Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica

Math Caught Her Attention First 

“I was thinking I had to have a major that would help support me financially. I chose math because the analysis of structures really interested me. Mathematics actually led me back into my interest in dance. I realized that the analysis of geometric and other structures could be applied to movement creation as well.”

Dance Extends Beyond the Classroom

“In my junior year, I took classes in improvisation and contemporary dance. I felt as if I had found dance styles that really resonated with me as an artist in contemporary dance class. As for improvisation, I began using dance as a framework for everyday life, exploring movement practices and creation even outside of class.

“Dance is an art form that lets you communicate with the world in a way that I personally find very pleasing. It is also a process wherein you can really begin to love your body for what it can do, and where you can get out of the habit of disliking the look of your body.”

She Wants to Find the Best of Both Worlds

“I hope to use both my majors after graduation, doing some combination of problem-solving and movement for the rest of my life. I want to be financially stable, I want the ability to dance onstage and to choreograph, and I want to continue to develop my dance practice in a safe way so that I can dance for as long as possible.”