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My Swat Story: Tedi Asher '05

Tedi Asher '05

Tedi Asher '05 (photo by PEM/Bob Packert)

She's the First Resident Neuroscientist in an Art Museum

Asher, a biology major and history minor at Swarthmore, is the Peabody Essex Museum’s neuroscientist-in-residence. Her unique job is to inform exhibition design with findings from neuroscience research.

She Wants to Bring Art and Science in Synthesis

“The overarching goal of the neuroscience initiative is to allow neuroscience to inform many different realms of the museum's operations,” says Asher. “We hope the result of these endeavors will be not only to create more engaging experiences of art for our visitors, but also to help bridge the gap between the arts and sciences which I see as two disciplines that address, or attempt to address, many of the same questions about the human experience just using a different set of methods and approaches.”

Swarthmore Helped her Communicate

"Swarthmore taught me how to be thoughtful, organized, and rigorous in my analysis of the various forms of evidence that we encounter, not only in the lab, but out in the world on a daily basis. Furthermore, my professors at Swarthmore demonstrated great care in how they communicated the material at hand; that exposure got me thinking about communication strategies more generally and seeded my ongoing interest in science communication."