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My Swat Story: Special Assistant Chelsea Hicks ’14

Chelsea Hicks

Chelsea Hicks ’14
Special Assistant for Presidential Initiatives

She Came to Swarthmore for the Students

“I was introduced to Swarthmore by a student whom I ran track with in high school. During a campus visit, she graciously introduced me to her friends across campus, and I was immediately sold. Those initial interactions were brief, but in those moments I was struck by the close community and the conversations among students.”

Working at Swarthmore Expanded Her Perspective

“As a student, Swarthmore very much so felt like a bubble: living in a small community, with a strong culture of intellectual pursuit, and often little time off campus. As a staff member, both in the Investment Office and now in the President’s Office, I’ve come to see Swarthmore within the broader context of the world. What is Swarthmore doing to contribute to the greater good? How do we understand the role of higher education in solving the issues of our modern age?

“I am constantly learning from the evaluation and re-evaluation of my own student experience as well as from my recent understanding of Swarthmore within the broader world.”

She Loves Working with President Smith

“It is an amazing experience to work so closely with President Smith. In this position I have the invaluable opportunity to witness firsthand what it means to be a leader—and in particular a black woman leader—of a globally recognized institution. President Smith approaches her role with care, attentiveness, and humanity. And she does it all with a wonderful sense of humor!”