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My Swat Story: Rebecca Rosenthal ’20

Rebecca Rosenthal ’20

Majors: Art History, Ancient History
Hometown: Ridgewood, N.J.

Dinnertime at Home Revolved Around ‘Jeopardy!’

“I was trying to remember when my family started watching Jeopardy! and I honestly can't. It seems like it was always on in my house. My dad has a rule of no TV during dinner, so it's always like, ‘Are we going to have dinner before or after Jeopardy!?’ Before DVR, that was always how it was, but now we DVR it.”

She Wants to Make Quizbowl More Welcoming for Women

“The higher up you go in Quizbowl, the fewer and fewer women do it. You start narrowing the group of people and it becomes very in-groupie. I don't want to say it, because I do love our Quizbowl community, but I think it's a lot like general academics where men are just prompted to think that their voices can be heard more. The nice thing about Quizbowl is that even though there are still these microaggressions, if you get the answer right, you get the answer right. And it's kind of a way for me at last to prove it to myself that this work that I've been doing has been paying off.”

She Believes in Knowing Thyself

“At Swarthmore, there's going to be so many pressures on you to do stuff, and the most important one is what you want to do, and you should definitely listen to what you want to do, and not anything else. Trust your gut, and you'll find something that's really good for you.”