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Whither the Cuban Revolution?

Whither the Cuban Revolution?

A Talk by Australian Historian Barry Carr.

February 6, 2008
4:30 p.m.
Scheuer Room, Kohlberg Hall
Free and Open to the Public

Our images of Cuba fluctuate between the vitality and resiliency of the Cuban people and their culture, and the decay of much of Cuba's economic infrastructure. One year before the 50th anniversary of its triumph, where is the Cuban Revolution? What is its future? What are the challenges facing Cubans in this century?

The distinguished Australian historian Barry Carr (La Trobe University, Melbourne) is an expert on Cuban and Mexican labor, the history of communism in Latin America, and other popular movements in the region. In addition to eight books on those topics, he is completing a manuscript on Cuba's sugar industry workers. Trained in Oxford, England, he has been a visiting professor in the United States and Mexico, where he worked as a researcher at El Colegio de México before receiving his doctoral degree. He is an editor and critical reader for a large number of top scholarly publications in three continents. While Mexico and Cuba are the main focus of many of his articles, he also publishes widely on Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua and their post-revolutionary development. He is interested in popular culture and the connections between art and social movements.

Sponsored by the Greater Philadelphia Latin American Studies Consortium (GPLASC) and Latin American Studies at Swarthmore College