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Venezuela Under Hugo Chavez: A Society Divided

A talk by Ana Mallén, Ph.D. Candidate Sociology,
New School University

March 8, 2007, 4:15 p.m.
Kohlberg Hall, Scheuer Room

Venezuela is at a crossroads. Depending on who you ask, the country is either undergoing a radical transformation that will empower citizens to participate in a democratic government or it is on its way to becoming a fascist-totalitarian government.

How can these two very distinct visions of Venezuela co-exist? What are the ramifications of two such disparate views of reality? Drawing from Arendt and Habermas, I argue that to understand the polarization of Venezuelan society, we must look at (1) how media outlets play a role in disseminating information, (2) how information is appropriated by groups and (3) how these actions intertwine with the social fabric