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SOCI 035E Immigration, Race And The Law

 Collage of three book covers: White by Law, The Invention of Race, Traces of History

“Race is a social construction” is an often-repeated mantra among scholars and activists alike. However, questions less often explored are: precisely how and to what end race was constructed and by whom? SOCI 035E takes as its central task to provide answers to these questions by paying particular attention to the role of the law in the creation and maintenance of race and racism. Relatedly, this class also explores the role that race has played in shaping the differential reception and inclusion of various migrant groups over time. We will study, for instance, how certain European migrant groups were eventually allowed to “become white” while others, such as Mexicans, became closely associated with illegality. The goal of this class is to shed light into the functioning of race and the law within capitalism.

SOCI 035E Immigration, Race And The Law
Social sciences. 1 credit.