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POLS 035 Democracy and Dictatorship

Collage of three images. Man kneeling in front of police, military strongman in sunglasses, man casting ballot

Why do countries turn democratic and why are so many democracies failing right now? How much is due to polarization, populism, and social media? How do dictatorships actually work? What roles do the secret police, political parties, and ordinary citizens play in sustaining dictatorship? How is the new international environment of the 21st century shaping the balance between democracy and dictatorship around the world? This class examines these and other questions, with a particular focus on Latin American countries. For more information, contact Professor Sam Handlin at

New LALS Course Offering for Spring 2021
POLS 35 Democracy and Dictatorship
Professor Sam Handlin
TR, 9:45-11:00