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Learning In Action

"Casa Infante" is a group photo of Haley Loram '08 with staff and residents of Casa Infante, a residential shelter for adolescent victims of sexual violence in Cochabamba, Bolivia where Haley interned this past summer. They are holding examples of "cojines" stuffed animals that the girls learned to make from scratch and sell in a microbusiness program conceived and funded with a grant that Haley won from the Foundation for Sustainable Development. Haley's work this summer was funded by a grant from Peace and Conflict Studies but formed an important part of her experience as a Latin American Studies minor.

Haley Loram '08 and a 4th grade student in La Boca in Buenos Aires. A public school arts teacher invited Haley to photograpah this child and her classmates while they celebrated the Dia del Juego (day of play) by flying their own hand-made kites in a park all afternoon. Haley is currently in the process of selecting 10-20 of the best photos from that day to print and exhibit in a show at that school during the last week of November, when they celebrate their annual Art Week. The school principal has also asked Haley to give a testimonial on her experiences studying photography in another culture.