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Richard Eldridge

Richard EldridgeCharles and Harriett Cox McDowell Professor of Philosophy
Office: Papazian 215
Phone: 610.328.8428
Profile at the Department of Philosophy

Richard Eldridge, Charles and Harriett Cox McDowell Professor of Philosophy, has interests that center around the topic of expression: its varieties, its nature(s), and its uses. He regularly teaches philosophy courses on artistic expression (aesthetics), on linguistic expression (philosophy of language), and on expressivist conceptions of human nature (19th century philosophy).

Prof. Eldridge is the author of On Moral Personhood: Philosophy, Literature and Self-Understanding (Chicago, 1989); Leading a Human Life: Wittgenstein, Intentionality, and Romanticism (Chicago, 1997); An Introduction to the Philosophy of Art (Cambridge, 2003); and The Persistence of Romanticism (Cambridge, 2001); and Literature, Life, and Modernity (Columbia, 2008), as well as many articles in aesthetics, Romanticism, and the philosophy of language.  He is the editor of Beyond Representation: Philosophy and Poetic Imagination (Cambridge, 1996); Stanley Cavell (Cambridge, 2003), The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Literature (Oxford, 2009).  He is currently working on a book of images of history in Kant and Benjamin.