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Philip Weinstein

Philip Weinstein, Professor of English LiteratureAlexander Griswold Cummins Professor of English Literature
Office: LPAC 304
Phone: 610.328.8150

Alexander Griswold Cummins Professor, teaches in the department of English Literature. In addition to books on Henry James and on the British novel, he has published two books on Faulkner (the second one focused on Morrison as well): Faulkner's Subject: A Cosmos No One Owns (Cambridge 1992), a study of "the subject" in William Faulkner, interrogated through separate chapters on gender, race, subjectivity, and culture; and What Else But Love? The Ordeal of Race in Faulkner and Morrison ( Columbia 1996), which pursues the critical differences in focus and resonance of two writers' works that can be traced to differences of race and gender. His most recent book is entitled Unknowing: The Work of Modernist Fiction (Cornell, 2005). It explores the ways in which major modernist writers (Proust, Kafka, Faulkner, and Freud) reconceive fundamental Enlightenment notions of the subject's relation to space and time. In 2005 Philip co-taught the INTP capstone with Mark Wallace on spirituality in literature, religion, and theory.