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Mark Wallace

Professor Mark WallaceProfessor of Religion
Office: Pearson 216
Phone: 610.328.7829
Profile at the Department of Religion

Professor, teaches in the Department of Religion and is a member of the Interpretation Theory and Environmental Studies Committees. His teaching and research interests focus on the intersections between philosophy of religion, critical theory, environmental studies, and postmodernism. His most recent works related to religion, the environment, and critical theory are Finding God in the Singing River: Christianity, Spirit, Nature (Fortress, 2005) and Fragments of the Spirit: Nature, Violence, and the Renewal of Creation (Continuum, 1996, Trinity, 2002). Recent published articles include "God Beyond God: Derrida and Religion," "Postmodern Pneumatology," and "Paul Ricoeur's Philosophy of Religion." He co-taught the INTP capstone with Phil Weinstein in 2005.