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Training Completion Reports


The IRB is charged with maintaining a copy of every investigator's CITI Training report for all human subject research reviewed by the Swarthmore IRB. As a result, any human subject researcher submitting to the IRB will be prompted to submit a valid completion report for all investigators who intend to engage in the proposed human subject research activities (i.e., anyone who will interact or intervene with human subjects for the purpose of the research or who will be working with or analyzing identifiable human subject data).

Once an investigator completes the “Social & Behavioral Research” course, the training is valid for 4 years from the date a majority of the 14 modules are completed (e.g., If 8 of the 14 modules were completed on 8/12/13, but 7 of the 14 modules were completed on 8/7/14, the training will remain valid until 8/12/17.). Investigators nearing their training expiration date are required to complete the Swarthmore “Social and Behavioral Research- Refresher” course and submit a completion report to the IRB.

Note: Any submission received by the IRB without a valid report(s) will be considered incomplete and will be sent back to the submitter without being reviewed.