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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Institutional Review Board (IRB)?
What is human subject research?
What types of activities qualify for IRB Review?
Who needs to obtain IRB review and approval?
What if my research is co-sponsored by another institution?
What if all or part of my research will be conducted internationally?
What if I am not affiliated with Swarthmore College, but would like to conduct research with Swarthmore College community members?

The Application Process

When should investigators apply to the IRB?
How long does the review process take?
What will a notification; received after a review, indicate?
How do I submit a request/apply to the IRB for review?
How long does approval last?

Training Requirements

Does the college offer human subjects training?
Who is required to complete the “Social & Behavioral Research” course?
When should an investigator complete the “Social & Behavioral Research” course?
Does the “Social & Behavioral Research” course expire?
How is the human subject training managed and tracked?
Are there any other training requirements, besides the human subjects research protections training?