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CITI Training for Swarthmore Investigators

All investigators (i.e., Principal Investigators (PI), faculty advisors, and other key research personnel) engaging in human subject research are required by the College to complete and maintain training requirements relevant to the type of research being conducted. The Swarthmore “Social & Behavioral Research” course satisfies the training requirement for human subject researchers at Swarthmore College. If you are a Swarthmore investigator, log on to CITI with your Swarthmore User ID and password by following these instructions:

  1. Go to Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI).
  2. Click on “Log In Through My Institution”.
  3. Scroll Down and click “Swarthmore College” (a screen will appear with the Swarthmore College logo).
  4. Type in your Swarthmore ID and password.
  5. Click on “Swarthmore College Courses” for courses to appear.
  6. If no courses appear, navigate to the “My Learner tools for Swarthmore College” in a drop down menu.
  7. Click "Add a Course"
  8. On Question 1 under "Human Subjects Research" please choose the first option for Social and Behavioral Research Investigators.
  9. Then select:
  • "Not applicable" for Question 2
  • Skip Question 3
  • Choose "No" for Question 4
  • Choose "Not at this time." for Question 5.
  • Hit submit.
  1. A link for Social and Behavioral Research should now be displayed under Course. Please click on that link.
  2. The list of individual modules under the course should now be displayed. You must complete each module in order to pass the course.
  3. A brief quiz must be completed at the end of each module.
  4. The course does not need to be completed in one sitting.

If you are a new Swarthmore College researcher and have a CITI account registered under another institution but need to change your institution affiliation to Swarthmore College, follow the instructions below.  By switching your affiliation to Swarthmore College, you will be able to carry over any training previously completed and manage your existing account by logging in with your Swarthmore ID and password. Once the affiliation instructions are completed, you will then be able to follow the above instructions when accessing CITI in the future.

Note: consider providing a second [personal] email address in case you need to recover your password. To do so, click on “My Profiles” then “Change my email address” (only change the secondary address).