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Honors Handbook

Compiled by Craig Williamson, Honors Coordinator, for the Curriculum Committee

This document is a fullest description of the policies and procedures for the Swarthmore College Honors Program. The document is updated regularly on the College's Web page.

The document is organized into the following sections:


  1. General Introduction
  2. Basics of the Honors Program
  3. Interdisciplinary Minors and Honors
  4. Honors Theses & Special Projects
  5. Senior Honors Study
    1. SHS: General
    2. SHS: Word Limits
    3. SHS: Evaluations
    4. SHS: Grades on Transcripts
  6. Examiners and Examinations
  7. Honors Marks and the Evaluation Process
  8. Honors Marks and Transcript Grades
  9. Departments Changing Their Honors Programs
  10. Computers and Written Examinations
  11. Review of the Honors Program
    Appendix 1: Outline of Procedures used at Examiners’ Meeting
    Appendix 2: Honors Policy for Students Too Ill to Take an Honors Exam