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Crum Regatta

One of the most distinguished traditions of Swarthmore College - both for its uniqueness and its ridiculousness - is the Crum Regatta, a 500-meter race through the shallow waters of Crum Creek. What makes the Regatta a worthwhile event is the variety of boats that students design to dominate the fierce, three-foot-deep waters.

Students are drawn to the event not just to impress their parents, since it occurs during Garnet Weekend, but because of their thirst for glory and prizes. The honors include awards named for Leif Erikson, Christopher Columbus, and Queen Elizabeth. They are not only for the winners, but also for those last to cross the finish line.

"On one level, my partner and I are doing the Regatta just for fun. It's a hands-on, creative project that we're both interested in," said Richard Monari '16 before the race. "At the same time, however, our participation also serves a much baser desire: to engage in glorious, fiery competition with our classmates. The Crum Creek will serve as the tumultuous stage for our epic endeavor to seize renown and prestige through the art of boating. Armed with only our wits, our tenacity, and a few rolls of gorilla tape, we will valiantly pilot our vessel through the cataracts and tribulations of the Crum, seeking no outcome other than total and utter victory." 

Yvonne Socolar '13 had a different reason for participating. "I have wanted to do the Crum Regatta since I was a freshman and figured that this is the year to do it," she says. "It had been on my bucket list and it sounds like a lot of fun. I also want to see Registrar Martin Warner in his hat. We are most excited about sinking our boat. It is all in good fun! We want to get the slowest boat or best costume award."

For the record, this year's champion was the Bare Bones crew (Eli Siegel '13, Joe Liang '13, and Jeewon Kim '13), marking a repeat of their 2010 victory.