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Parrish Hall

Explore Swarthmore - Parrish Hall Overview

Located at the center of campus, Parrish Hall is Swarthmore’s original building.

Parrish Hall, the College’s iconic oldest building, sits in the center of campus and serves as a hub of campus life, with Admissions, the Dean’s Office, the Post Office, and the President’s Office on the first two floors and residence hall rooms above. Its lawn is known as Parrish Beach, home to another, albeit younger, campus icon: the Big Chair.

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“Swarthmore students push themselves to their limits academically, in group activities, as leaders, and everything in between. Professors, administrative staff, and peers offer the tools necessary to make this happen in the form of support, both proactively and as needed. Swarthmore consistently raises the bar for your personal best while offering the support you will need along the way.” — Senior


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