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Race, Religion & Anti-Muslim Discrimination

anti-muslim art
  • All Day Event
    Friday, Feb. 2, 9 a.m.–6 p.m.
    Lang Performing Arts Center, Cinema

Anti-Muslim violence, discrimination, and surveillance exists as a transnational phenomenon. There have been increasing academic efforts to address the misrepresentation of Muslim religious practices within the public imagination, but less attention has been given to addressing the complexities of anti-Muslim sentiment in relation to global white and Christian supremacy. How has the Muslim subject been constructed in public discourses? Have Muslims been identified as a racialized and targeted group? Is anti-Muslim discrimination different from other forms of racism or anti-immigrant violence and discrimination? There are multivalent expressions of Islam and Muslims comprising different racialized groups, ethnicities, and relationships to systemic power and white/Christian supremacy. This event explores the ways in which the character and degree of anti-Muslim discrimination is shaped by both external and complex intracommunal dynamics among Muslims across ethnicities and geographies.