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The Frontera Project

A border is a limit. But it also suggests possibility: a chance to approach someone on the other side. The Frontera Project brings Mexican and US artists together to lift up human stories about our southern border that too often get lost in the noise of partisan agendas and media bubbles. Specifically focused on San Diego/Tijuana, The Frontera Project explores the varied experiences of people on both sides of the border for audiences who may never have been there themselves.

This interactive theatrical experience, performed by a cast of both U.S. and Mexican actors, uses theater, music and play (in both English and Spanish) to actively engage the audience in a compassionate, often joyous conversation about La Frontera.

Conceived and Directed by Ramón Verdugo and Jessica Bauman. Text by Bárbara Perrin Rivemar

Friday, Oct. 1: 8 p.m., Pearson-Hall Theatre, LPAC
Saturday, Oct. 2: 8 p.m., Pearson-Hall Theatre 

Friday Oct. 1: 2:30 p.m., Kuharski Studio, Matchbox