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Disability, Identity & Civil Rights

Imani in front of street art

Discussion with Imani Barbarin
Tuesday, Oct. 3, 7:30 p.m. Science Center 199

Barbarin is from the Philadelphia area and holds a master’s in global communications from the American University of Paris. She has been published in Forbes, Rewire, Healthline, BitchMedia, and more. She runs the blog and a podcast of the same name, and has over 180,000 Twitter followers. This event will explore disability as a dimension of intersectional identity. Imani will discuss her perspective on the overarching question: “What does it mean to be disabled?” Imani works to “investigate different axes of oppression and marginalization in order to facilitate a society that works for us all.” She has, using her perspective as a Black disabled woman, worked to advocate for the disabled community through her writing and social media platforms.