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The Art of Logic: Lecture by Dr. Eugenia Cheng

For thousands of years, mathematicians have used the timeless art of logic to see the world more clearly. Today, truth is often buried under soundbites and seeing clearly is more important than ever. In this talk, Dr. Eugenia Cheng will show how anyone can think like a mathematician to understand what people are really saying. Taking a careful scalpel to politics, privilege, sexism and dozens of other real-world situations, she will show that math is not just about numbers and equations, but is about thinking better, and that it can help us find clarity without losing nuance in this complex world of ours.

Dr. Cheng received her Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Cambridge.  She  switched her focus to bring math to a wider audience, authoring popular math books such as How to Bake π and The Art of Logic and giving lectures and presentations around the world.  Her latest book is x+y: A Mathematician’s Manifesto for Rethinking Gender.
Lecture by Dr. Eugenia Cheng
Thursday, Feb. 24, 4:30–5:30 pm in Science Center 101